Creative Space Stamper Review

After about almost a year of the revolution Creative Shop Stamper made in the nail art stamping world with the first original XXL stamper and fantastic scraper which all loved including myself, Oksana created this new line of stampers the Creative Space Stamper.

It comes in eight colors:


All stamper head have a black or white base color, and have scattered strongly throughout 
 blue, purple, green or gold shimmer.  

Along with beautiful  sparking colors of the squishy XXL stampers,
 she also made a new design metal holder with grip 
and again a credit card-like scraper.

With a glimpse is obvious that:
  1. The New Space Stamper is softer and extremely squishier than the Original 1st Generation Creative Shop Stamper. 
  2. The stamping head is not completely solid like the original Creative Shop Stamper.  It's somehow of a hollow stamper head and looks like a wagon wheel.
  3. It has the CSS logo is engraved, and has a lip that stops itself from sinking into the holder.
  4. They are about 4.2cm in diameter. The 1st generation original CS stamper is about 3.5cm, so these are bigger.
  5. It normally doesn't require priming, but if it does it can ONLY be by washing it with dish soap and leave it air dry.  
  6. To clean it, it’s recommended that tape or a lint roller is used
  7. The New Holder has a better Grip due to the edges, but they are the same size.
  8. The New Holder has a whole on the bottom, which allows to control how squishy the stamper can be. Check the Negative Space - LeadLight Watercolour Abstract Stamping Nail Art video at 2.50 minutes or the Instagram Clip I made to see what exactly I mean
  9. The new scraper is slightly thinner and more flexible than the old one and is suggested not to clean it with 100% acetone. 
***Important Note***
The stamper heads need necessary to be stored separately 
suggested in plastic bags to avoid any discolorations!!!

In my personal opinion they picked up nicely and stamp good without any priming. 
They are ideal for longer nails but that doesn't mean it will not work for short nails!
Rolling is the best method to pick up and to stamp gently. 
I find all Creative Space stampers very pretty. Sparkly and unique as in colors, design and size. 

Here is the video I did for reviewing the Blue set, that Oksana Sent me.
I show a clear comparison of the the First generation original CS - Scraper
and the Creative Space Stamper - Scraper.
Also I have done swatches of how it stamps using different polishes and plates.

You can find the Space Creative shop Stamper at their original site

and Resellers:
1. USA, Canada -
2. USA(ship international) -
3. USA(ship international) -
6. UK(ship international) -
11. Germany -
12. Australia (ship international) -
13. Australia (ship international) -
15. Singapore -

The products I used  to do this review are listed as follows:

Pet'la plates -
HeHe duplicated Plate -
MoYou London Plate -
Uber Chic Beauty Plate -
Pueen Plates -

MDU Stamping Polish -
Born Pretty & Ya Qin An Stamping Polish -
Essence Stamping Polish, silver and the metallic pink are from my local drug store.

And here are 3 videos am showing the Space Stamper in Action.

Galaxy Stamping Nail Art with Creative Shop Space Stamper
Here am using the Stamper to do also the background!

Negative Space - LeadLight Watercolour Abstract Stamping Nail Art 
Here am showing the tip how to make the Stamper less Squishy at 2.50 minutes

‎hēhē‬ original Plate 073 Review - Jeans/denim Stamping Nail Art  
Here am showing how easy it is to stamp when you have longer nails.



The stampers were sent to me for review by the Owner of Creative Shop Stamper.
I am not paid or sponsored to create this blog or the videos.
Nor to use or promote any of the other products used.
This video reflects my honest opinion whatsoever.

The 1st Generation Creative Shop stamper was purchased by me
and the rest of the products I used to make these videos are purchased by me,
 are gifts or sent for review.

The video is my personal effort of sharing creativity, to help and inspire others...

Thank you Oksana for Kindly sending me the gorgeous Space Stampers to review.


Creativity is contagious. Pass it on! 
~ Albert Einstein ~


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