About Me

Hi, my name is Mary, 
dreamy is what describes and MM are my initials. 
I'm a proud Greek Lady 
born in USA, living now in UK 

I been a Make Up and Nail Artist for over 15 years
 and now I am adding to my list another big love of mine, which is crafting. 

Dreamers like me enjoy creating 
so I make unique journals, 
paintings, special bespoke gifts, 
tattoo designs (only the design NOT the tattoo) and digital images.

Also in co-operation with my other half we make
customised wooden items - R&M Creations
 (house decorations, small furniture and novelty gifts)
Check some of them out...

All from simple to surprising 
and from magical to nostalgic, 
handmade with Love!

You can find many beautiful creations on my Etsy Shop
and you can also find me on my other social media!

But just a small warning...
I don't like negative people without Humour,
Ungrateful smart @sses and Drama Queens!
My rule is "Respect to be Respected" 

I have my faults-merits, whims-sorrows like we all do, 
But I do try to enjoy life at its most... 

So if you like my creations and like to see more, you're more than welcome...

Like Albert Einstein wisely said....
"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."


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