Creative Space Stamper Review

After about almost a year of the revolution Creative Shop Stamper made in the nail art stamping world with the first original XXL stamper and fantastic scraper which all loved including myself, Oksana created this new line of stampers the Creative Space Stamper.

It comes in eight colors:


All stamper head have a black or white base color, and have scattered strongly throughout 
 blue, purple, green or gold shimmer.  

Along with beautiful  sparking colors of the squishy XXL stampers,
 she also made a new design metal holder with grip 
and again a credit card-like scraper.

New Years Resolutions...

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Is been a while I know that I haven't done any blog or video...
Life can be very busy and things just have kept me away!

But a new year has begun. 
New goals, dreams and vision of a better self is what we all aim for... 
Yet most resolutions end up as illusions, therefor I will stick to simple stuff
Like write more blogs... 
Do more video tutorials...
Start doing more freehand designs...
Share my crazy inspirations...

No promises... all I can only do is try!
So cheers to 2016 with more colors and adventures 
through Nail Art, Make Up and lots of other beautiful things!
Lets all be our awesome selves and keep dreaming!

Happy 2016 
Love always

Aztec Abstract Nail Art Tutorial

One of my very favourite (if not THE favourite)
Stamping plates is 
Pueen Celebration Collection Fireworks Festival

Its a very big plate full of outrageous designs for any nail length, occasion and looks...
I got this plate as one of my gifts that Pueen has generously given me as a prize
for winning the Advanced Category in the #celebratewithpueen contest December 2014

Romeo & Juliet Nail Art

Not long ago MoYou London hosted the Bookworm competition 
where there were 9 books to create as nail designs

One of them was Romeo & Juliet
So this was my participation Manicure, one of the nine...

Wear Yellow for Seth - Yellow Pansies Nail Art Tutorial

Seth is only five years old, but he’s already battled through a lot in those few years. 
He suffers from “bubble boy” disease and has to live in a completely sterile environment.
He loves Fireman Sam, Paw Patrol and the colour yellow.
Although he was born without an immune system, the young boy still has a huge smile on his face, despite needing another bone marrow transplant.
His surgery was on March 27 and he asked everyone to wear yellow to help support him. 
He wanted people to post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #wearyellowforSeth 
and his parents would share the photos with him.
To find more information klik here ---->