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New Year Inspiring Words - Freebie

FREEBIE New Year Gift!!! Played a game on the fabulous Foxy Craters page and all rocked it! The Foxy Crafters - Tracie Fox The Game was : " Leave a positive word to begin 2020  that starts with the 1st letter of your name. It can only be 1 word! Then use them in your journals 🥰 " It went so well I promised to type the words in a freebie as a New Year Gift and here it is! 180 inspiring positive words, in two formats, a tinted and ink saving version, because you are all great, creative and lovely people. The words were all taken as was given by the crafters,  170 in the comments and added 10 more from words friends posted on my personal Facebook page, which explains why some are repeating. But hey! it doesn't matter! they all can be used right? So Happy Crafting 2020 Am sure you will use them creatively in your journals and crafts. Please don't forget to tag me or use the hashtag #dreamyMM if you do,  so I will be able to admire your creations! With L

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