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Free Digital Images for Crafts

Its been a very long time since I sat on my computer to write a blog...
So many things have changed since then!
I still am a Nail and Make-Up Artist of course 
and from time to time I will add a Nail or Beauty related blog...
something really has changed 
 dreamyMM is now doing more things than that!

In May 2017 I lost my darling mommy and since then I lost my mojo in Nail Art.
(Hence why I have been gone so long)

Anyhow, as you all know, I always loved all forms of art...
So one day as I was watching inspiring videos on YouTube
I saw a fabulous video from the very talented  Nik the Booksmith
that it inspired me to create something similar
like the page she did in her video but as a book/journal 
dedicated to my mother's memory...
So I started a scrapbook or Memory Book as some may call it...

(this is the video)

All I do is some collages of things that remind me of her, 
like roses and lots of other pretty elements...
Its very personal, so for now I am not ready to share it with anyone
Maybe someday, when am stronger emotionally I will...
However, meanwhile something magical happened!
To my surprise all this has helped me very much with my grief.
I pleasantly discovered that Crafts eased off a little my endless pain 
and it helped me be happy again in so many different ways!
Simply by staying focused on my creativity I stopped crying...
and now I am addicted!
I love everything!
 Scrapbooks, Journals,Travellers Notebooks
Small tags, Big tags, Ephemera, Folders, Mini Notebooks
All are fabulous to create, and this is the new chapter I opened in my life!

So the past Year I joined a few groups
like The Foxy Crafters that the very creative Tracie Fox has created.
If you don't know her you really should go watch her videos... 
they are amazingly inspiring!

I never stop being creative and I love trying new artistic things!
So after all this time creating alone, as a small gesture of love and appreciation 
I thought to make this Free digital images basically as a little Gift for Tracie's group
The Foxy Crafters because all members and Tracie are helpful, lovely and very creative...
and for any crafter out there that might like to use it in their albums and crafts.

So here they are!

Quotes and Inspirational sayings on a grungy background 
that I have included blank in two forms that can be used as pages or backgrounds
and as a tag too. 

It is the first digital images that I fully designed myself, 
but the quotes are not mine...
they are amazing sayings from amazing people!
I really enjoyed making these so hopefully there will be more to follow... 

To download them you have two choices! 
Either to click on the image here and save it 
or to download it from Pinterest from the link that is right under each Image.
But before you do, please read the Terms of Use at the end of this blog.

Hope you will Enjoy these beautiful little Gift/Freebie
and if you you use them don't forget to tag me 
or use the hashtag #dreamyMM so I can see your gorgeous creations! 

Also if you have time, leave me a comment if you would like to see more of these!
It will make me extremely happy if you do!

Happy and dreamy Crafters are the Best!
with Love

I have created and edited these images myself on Monday 28 January 2019
and is my personal effort of sharing creativity, to help and inspire others...

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on! 
~ Albert Einstein ~

~Terms of Use~
You MAY:
  1. Use these images for personal use ONLY
  2. Use these images for crafts like Journals, Albums, Books or any crafts that you sell for small commercial use.

You may NOT:

  1. Reproduce and re-sell these images in any digital format.
  2. Sell the digital files
  3. Sell the printed files as they are
  4. Sell in a digital format
  5. Use them in your blog or page on any social media without my permission


  1. I was admiring all your amazing nail art and ended up here... I know what you mean about losing your mojo, breaking my wrist closed my custom wedding gown business and losing my parents took away the rest of my ambition.
    But I also found Nik, and Tracie, and Gayle, and Gi... and so many more!... and they got my creativity going again. I had supplies from a lifetime of crafting so jumping into journals was easy. And it's so fulfilling! I don't sell them, I make them for friends using a theme they love. I've done butterflies, giraffes, coffee and more, am starting a Harry Potter one for a granddaughter.
    I LOVE freebies and totally appreciate what a gift they are. I am inspired more than usual today by reading your inspirational thoughts. Your art is beautiful and I thank you so much for sharing it with me.

    1. It’s a fabulous community and am happy to be part of, it gives me the chance to meet lovely people like you... am so happy you will enjoy my little freebie here! I would really love to see your beautiful journals!
      I’m thinking of starting a coffee themed one soon as we are coffee lovers in this home ☕️ and a possible freebie related too 😉👍🏻
      Thank you for sharing your story with me It touched my heart ❤️
      In general thank you for this amazing comment, it made my day!
      Big hug 🤗

  2. These are amazing thank you . Please don't stop creating

    1. Thank you! So happy you like them... ❤️

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. These are lovely. I've not yet done a journal but am finding so much inspiration that I'm ready to do one. I can't wait to incorporate these in a journal/memory book. Your message really touched me as I lost my dear mom in 2011 who was also my best friend. She crafted folk art which included Santas, dolls, and theorems. We did craft shows together and I so miss that. I made a memory scrapbook of my mom and found that to help with my grief as well.

  4. Love what you are doing, thank you for making them available. I am from Australia and only just starting this new passion, so supplies are limited. I appreciate that you have seen fit to offer this to the group.

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