Wear Yellow for Seth - Yellow Pansies Nail Art Tutorial

Seth is only five years old, but he’s already battled through a lot in those few years. 
He suffers from “bubble boy” disease and has to live in a completely sterile environment.
He loves Fireman Sam, Paw Patrol and the colour yellow.
Although he was born without an immune system, the young boy still has a huge smile on his face, despite needing another bone marrow transplant.
His surgery was on March 27 and he asked everyone to wear yellow to help support him. 
He wanted people to post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #wearyellowforSeth 
and his parents would share the photos with him.
To find more information klik here ----> http://www.mirror.co.uk
Inspired by my amazing friend @4leesha on Instagram who made a page on Facebook
Wear Yellow - Polish - For Seth
for this cause I personally invited all my folowers on IG to paint their nails yellow with or without nail art and use the hash tags #wearyellowforseth and #dreamymmyellowforseth !

There were so many talented girls who helped me on this painting their nails yellow 
with some awesome designs as well...
I made this collage from most of them...

Few were added just right after I published the collage...
But I have all at the end of this video...
to show appreciation and to thank them once again for supporting this cause...

So much beauty... So much love... 
Thank you all lovely ladies who helped me in this project! 
you all are so talented and amazing!
Please find the creators of each manicure tagged on Instagram 
with the hashtag #dreamymmyellowforseth 

For my design I used Fab ur nails plates 5 and 15 as well as her stamper
To find them klik here ---> http://www.faburnails.com/

Love always


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