Aztec Abstract Nail Art Tutorial

One of my very favourite (if not THE favourite)
Stamping plates is 
Pueen Celebration Collection Fireworks Festival

Its a very big plate full of outrageous designs for any nail length, occasion and looks...
I got this plate as one of my gifts that Pueen has generously given me as a prize
for winning the Advanced Category in the #celebratewithpueen contest December 2014

For this design I used a marble technique with acrylic paint as a base 
that I learned from one my very talented friends Sandy aka Beaching nails. 
 You can find her on YouTube at

I have a step by step video for this gorgeous design...
so think further details of how I did it are not necessary!
Just watch it and you'll know how to do it!

Find Pueen Celebration Collection Fireworks Festival at

and their stamper/scraper at

That's all for now
more beauties soon
Love always


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    1. Thank you! Glad you like it...
      will be more prompt this year with my blog so stay tuned! xoxox


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