Domain Name and Mix Media Nail Art Design

Happy and proud to announce that now I have my own Domain Name!
Yes from now is
Yes!!! Domain Name! Blog New Look! and lots to write about!
I couldn't be any happier...
Is been a long time I was looking into things
how to make it best for me and finally it all came together!
When I started my blog I had no clue about blogging, 
as well as nothing else of this whole new world, internet can provide...
Today after three years, I can say that at least now I know what these are all about...

There is no better way to celebrate this new beginning for me...
than to share a beautiful Nail Art design along with it's Tutorial!
So here it is...

My manicure for a challenge/game that one of the lovely
Nail Art related groups I follow on Facebook is hosting...
The game name is "Tag! You're It!"

Someone tags you with 3 choices of a nail art techniques or themes 
and you have to choose between them
Was tagged to choose between stamp over texture polish, newspaper and fish tale... 
I do very often nail art over texture polishes, 
so thought to give the newspaper a try, as was a very long time since I last did one...
But all things change and so has the newspaper technique... 
Recently the very talented lady Galina aka Yagala on Instagram  
posted a new way of using magazines and newspapers... 
The old way was using alcohol and press the print upside down 
on the nail to leave the ink on the nail.
The new technique Galina showed, is making decals with clear polish...!!!
Links to her IG video is

I am exited with this new way! Its a new era to nail art with it! 
So I collected beautiful images/pieces from an old magazine...
and started my design...

For the background I stamped some images from Messy Mansion Plates mm44 and mm24 
(you can find the plates at )
Distressed the background images with a small brush and acetone, 
added randomly few bits of colour here and there, as you will see in the video, with a sponge 
and then placed the magazine decals over a top coat to attach them on my nails.
To Blend them in the design, used again my small brush and acetone. 
Finished everything with my favorite Elina's Collection matte finish top coat that you can find at (use the code Dreammy25 for 25% discount)

A fun and easy nail art design with endless possibilities!
Watch my video...
Find images you like from an old magazine and start playing!

That's all for now!
If you try this design please show it to me...
on one of my social media.
If you have Instagram use the tag #inspiredbydreamymm 

Love always


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