Born Pretty Store Review - Stamping Plate Qgirl-018 Aztec Design

generously sent me a while ago some lovely goodies to review...

So am starting with Stamping Plate Qgirl-018

First Aztec design I ever done
and the plate works perfect! 

Designs are all beautiful, its very well edged 
plus has a nice paper backing for safe using!

To find the Plate click ----> Qgirl-018
and to find the rectangular stamper I used for this design click ----> Nail Art Stamper

Born Pretty Store has so many great things on their site, so go and check them out!
Don't forget to use my coupon code to get 10% off your order

For the gradient I used these amazing polishes from 
 plus the base and matte top coat!
Important note for all stamping queens! 
Their top coats both shiny and matte do not smear/smudge the design! 
If you decide to order some gorgeous polishes
from Elina's Collection  use my 25% Code

For more details of my Aztec design
You can watch my video

Love always


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