1Q32 Gellish Application Review & Christmas Nail Art Tutorial

About a month ago I was contacted through my Facebook page
from 1Q32 to review their Instant Gellish...

It is one of those Gel/Polish that remains longer 
on natural/artificial nails, than normal Nail Polish...

The product came in a very bright neon Pink 
(1Q32 Instant Gellish No. QB51)
  It is very easy to apply, a ready to go solution, like I say, 
 for those who are in a hurry, since once is dried in the special lamp for total 2 minutes for each layer + 2 minutes for the top coat 
which is not necessary since the product by itself has a nice shine...  
and thats it! no more waiting to dry time...

I made an application video tutorial for my review, 
combined with a simple (fast) Christmas design
for those who are really in a hurry 
 but still want to be in the season spirit...
The color was so bright that affected the quality of my video,  
 but more or less you can see, 
how to do it, which was the reason I made it 
Hope you enjoy it....



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