My Nail Mail from Tip Top Nails South Africa

I am very happy to present my lovely Gifts
from Tip Top Nails South Africa 

I would like to say the quality is FANTASTIC and the colors absolutely amazing....!!!
if you haven't tried yet any of their big super collection of Nail Polishes
you should give it a try...
and am not saying all this because I had them as a gift...
is just the truth!!!

You can find Tip Top Nails
and their official website

Thank you once again Tip Top (Joan)
For being so kind to send me these lovely gifts
and for being such a big inspiration to all that have the privilege, like me, to know you...

See you again soon with more cool Nail stuff...


  1. Bright Spark looks so much better on your skin tone than it did on mine! It was too washed out on me. I really love chocolate truffle!

    1. awww thanks hunnie!!! I think the chocolate truffle is my favorite too... but honestly all colours wear great and are easy to make lots of nail art... have done a few will show them soon xoxo


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