My Clown nail art pictorial and My Surprise Gift from Simple Nail Art Tips

Today I had an awesome surprise from 
 Simple Nail Art Tips
 A beautiful cuticle oil and a lovely card...
 Am really happy and touched by this...

The cuticle oil is amazing!!!
You should try it... it smells so yummy!
and leaves the skin so soft...
According to what I have read about it, 
 it helps a-lot to grow your own nails
and to make your hand skin look brighter and softer...
for more information have a peak at her blog

This lovely gift was sent to me for my Clown Tutorial, 
 that was my participation
  Simple Nail Art Tips Contest in September...
 if you haven't seen it then you can see it here again... 
Step By Step

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of White Nail Polish and wait until it is completely dry
Step 2: To start the Clown, in the center of the nail, with a dotting tool or nail polish brush make a big Red round dot for the nose
Step 3: Under the nose, make a curved Red thick line for the smile (thick in the middle and thinner at the edges)
Step 4: On both sides of the nose, make two small Red hearts for the cheeks (alternative can be just two small Red dots)
Step 5: Over of the nose, make two Black dots for the eyes (a bit smaller than the nose size) and with a toothpick make two small curved lines over the eyes for the eyebrows
Step 6: Again for the eyes, make two smaller White dots inside the Black ones and to give a 3-D dimension make a small curved white line inside the smile and nose
Step 7: Complete the eyes by making two smaller Black dots inside the White ones, and for more details make two small curved lines at the edges of the smile
Step 8: For the bow, make a Black outline of a square under the smile at the middle of the free edge of your nail
Step 9: Continue the outline on each side of the square with two oblique Black squares and inside at the middle make two very small Black incomplete lines starting from each side of the main square, towards the edges, for the wrinkles of the bow
Step 10: Finally, make two small Black lines at the edge of each eye for eyelashes and fill the bow with many small dots of all colors to fill the bow and make it more joyful.

Your Clown is Ready! When the design is dry, apply a top coat to give a smooth finish and lovely shine.

Once again, 
Thank you Ana,
you made my day!


  1. Congratulations - that was a nice surprise to get :)

    1. Thanks Maria, true was great and the gift is so amazing will order more asap it worked so fast my hands today look softer and brighter xoxo


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