Go Pink Wednesday - 3rd week

"Go Pink Wednesday" 
3rd week

Mid-October already...
and is the 3rd Go Pink Wednesday!
The girls made amazing manicures the past 2 weeks...
You should have a peak so visit Andrea's page
Finger Painting Fingers 
who is the awesome host of this cause/event...

Today my creation is a
Me to You Teddy aka Tatty Bear...
So with my Tatty Bear, let's save the Ta-Tas
 by start looking after our self!

Polish your nails PINK any day of this month 
and please post it to my page on Facebook 
or send it to my e-mail...
will be happy to make a dedicated blog 
for anyone that will be part of this... 
So lets go PINK girls...!


  1. I'm in love, the bear is so cute!

  2. loooove!!! i did gradient for the first week! soooo cute!

    1. Thank you! first week I did the purple/pink gradient too :)) I use often gradients as base for my designs... is my favorite technique i think LOL... xoxo

  3. What a cute little bear, well done :)
    PS, do you know that your word verification is on (the number and word your commentators has to repeat before leaving a comment)??

    1. Thank you Maria for your sweet saying... and most for informing about the comment stuff had no idea as not done it in my settings... will try to find out how to change it

  4. awwww..this is so cute! I love the bear design. I wish I can make this design =)

    1. Thank u Emmy, if you make it pls show it to me either on my fb page or email it to me... will be happy to see it xoxo


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