Fifty Shades of grey

Recently I was assigned by Heather, 
who with her awesomeness is the blogger of 
to be one of her Beauty Minions
where every two weeks 
will get a theme to give life with our creativity!

First Theme was as you see
inspired by the famous book
'Fifty Shades of Grey'
So I put down my brushes and imagination...
and created my version of the theme...
I used:
Model: Me 
For the books cover design:
1. Nail Polish: Revlon 607 'Hazy'
2. Newspaper for the background effect
3. Black & Silver Boltgun colours of Acrylic Paint
4. Detail Brush (extra thin)
5. Top Coat
For the Lip Painting:
1. Black Face Painting Colour
2. Silver Glitter
For the Shaded Nails:
1. Nail Polish: Hot Looks 'Wham' #27
2. Silver Glitter
3. Chanmail colour of Acrylic Paint
4. Detail Brush (extra thin)
5. Top Coat
...and of course, last but not least,
lots of Imagination and Creativity 
For more information how to do all this 
don't hesitate to contact me...
Don't forget check
to see also the other lovely creations 
from the rest of the Minions
and any other of her interesting Blogs!
More cool stuff coming up soon so stay tuned...


  1. OMG, I love ur nails! I also love ur ring!!

  2. Thanks!
    The ring is a key-holder but am glad u like it


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