Erica's Nails and More Challenge, Day 10 "Spring Sunset Tiger"

Erica's Nails and More, 
10 Days Nail Art Challenge
Day 10
Re-create your Favourite
"Spring Sunset Tiger"

So the amazing 10 days 
of Erica's challenge 
has come to the last day. 
It was a great pleasure for me to participate 
as it was my first time ever...

My creation today "Spring Sunset Tiger" 
has a little bit of many days and that is because 
I couldn't choose just one day to recreate...
Day 1 "Favourite Colour" (Black) 
Day 2 "Favourite Animal" (Tiger) 
Day 3 "Favourite Season" (Spring) 
Day 5 "Gradient" (Is the Technic I used for my background) 
Day 6 "Polka Dots" (The centre of my flowers)
Day 7 "Flowers" (Cherry Blossom and Bonsai) 

I used White Nail Polish as Base 

and all the nail art is made with Acrylic Paint Colours.

Thank you for everything Erica...
I had really so much Fun with these 10 Days...


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