Erica's Nails and More Challenge, Day 6 "Polka Dots" - "Chemical Nails"

Erica's Nails and More, 
10 Days Nail Art Challenge

Day 6

"Polka Dots"
Everything in this world 
starts and ends with a...
So, today I am inspired by 
my Brother who is
a Chemical Engineer...
(Love you John)
and instead of making 
what I first had in mind
"Vintage Polka Dots"
(I will make it some other day)
I made my...
"Chemical Nails"

How did I make my cute designs?
White Nail Polish as Base

Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, 
Purple, Green, Mint, 
Black & White
Acrylic Paint Colours

If you like my designs...
Come again to see tomorrow's creation
as it is Day 7
and visit my dear Erica's pages!

C ya soon


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